Barritt’s Ginger Beer – Smooth

I am not sure what year, day, hour or second I was introduced into Barritt’s Ginger Beer; I know it was a good day.  I am sure the sun was out, the birds were chirping, and a bottle opener was close at hand.

Barrit’s comes in two containers – Glass Bottles and Aluminum Cans.  I strongly recommend that you get the glass bottles.  There is a slightly better flavor from the Glass Bottles – it tastes smoother from the glass bottle.  I am also sure they mastered the glass bottle much earlier in the history of Barritt’s than the aluminium can. They were founded in 1874.

I keep going back for more and more Barritt’s it’s a smooth Ginger Beer, there is no taste of dried ginger beer.   The ginger beer tastes of a fresh ginger flavor with a little heat.   I find the heat is minimized with crushed ice, and provide a crisp and refreshing sip.

It’s the Cadillac of Ginger Beers.  I give it a 10 out of 10.  Enjoyment, Refreshing, and I want more.

You can find it at

Barritt's Ginger Beer


I decided to do it. Yes do it.

It is… Dedicating a Blog to Ginger.  I have such a hard time finding my favorite spice / drink and food when I want.   What’s the best Ginger Beer? What are the cool recipes with Ginger?  What are the best Ginger candies?  What are the most interesting medicinal cures? What are the most interesting places to travel and have ginger?

Ginger (Ginger Root) is a spice found in the South East Asia and African nations.  Per Wikipedia, 1.6 million tons were produced in 2008.  1.6 million tones of the beautiful flowering plant and spice were harvested, transported to market, sold, and consumed.  I plan on consuming as much of that as possible. It’s delicious and spicy.

Stay Tuned for more posts, experiences and updates.
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