IBM Connections Cloud Application Development Workshop – Q4 2014

Thanks to Paul Godby, a colleague in the Ecosystem Development group in IBM, there is an update to the IBM Collaboration Solutions Ecosystem Development Community. The update is compelling a new set of self-paced workshops are available for IBM Connections Cloud Application Development.

Anyone that is a member of IBM Greenhouse can access the materials.  To become a member, you have to sign up for Greenhouse at the account sign up page.

Per Paul, developers “learn how to develop applications for the IBM Connections Social Cloud”.  Some cool things to think about are – “no need to provision a hosted server environment,” IBM BlueMIx, and using REST APIs to build social applications with Connections data in the cloud. You can read his detailed Description in the community, and access the Self-Paced Materials –

Other workshops area available in the Available Workshops

I hope you all find this update helpful.

Graph Database – Experience Part 1

For those that know, I am definitely interested, interested in Graph Technology. The interest in representing the semantics of anything with edges,  vertices and annotations of those is incredibly powerful.

I navigated to the Neo4j site, and downloaded the Neo4j Community Edition

You’ll want to extract to a folder, such as neo4j-community.

Open a Terminal Window

Change Directory ~/Desktop/neo4j-community

Type java -version

If java, doesn’t spit out the proper version for Java, you’ll have to install it.

No Java
No Java

Click More Information

On the Java website, Click Download JDK

Click I Accept Agreement

Download the Mac OSX x64 Binary – jdk-8u<UpdateNumber>-macosx-x64.dmg

Save the File to the Local Disk

Open, Click on the Package and install.  You may need to authorized to install it.

Switch back to your terminal window and type java -version

Confirm Java
Confirm Java

You should see

Startup Neo4j
Startup Neo4j

To start neo4j type, bin/neo4j start

Open a Browser, and navigate to http://localhost:7474/

Neo4j Start Page
Neo4j Start Page

Once you login, you see the great experience they put forth in the web interface.  There are Java APIs and REST APIs.

I decide to use the REST API to build a quick node in a Graph.  You can read more about nodes at – … But that’s for part2…