Creating a New Wiki Page as a Child

A partner asked how he could create a new wiki page with a specific parent. 

API Details
URL: https://{hostname}:{port}/wikis/basic/api/wiki/{wiki-label}/feed
Method: POST
Content-Type: application/atom+xml

You may have to add the X-Update-Nonce header.  

You have to update the XML with the parentUuid – eg bd586bb6-d9b2-4527-b9a0-0f9b0d3c1e3f

When you complete the post, you’ll have a new page with a parent page.

3 thoughts on “Creating a New Wiki Page as a Child”

  1. When fetching a wiki page using the Connections 5.0 API /wikis/basic/anonymous/api/wiki/{wiki-label}/page/{page-label}/entry?includeTags=true it seems the result does not contain the field. Is there another query parameter I must use to get information about the parent wiki page in the result? My goal is to programmatically traverse wiki pages and understand which child pages each wiki page has.

    1. try using the /wikis/basic/api/wiki/{wiki-label/navigation/{page-label}/feed – I don’t believe it’s technically supported, but it should get you where you need to go.

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